Thierry Weinberg

Posted by Carrie Beiber - September 11, 2015

The conception of Thierry Weinberg in the year 1980 in France might not have crossed the general population’s brain that an expert in business had quite recently been considered. He went to the ISG business college where he outfit his business aptitudes and graduated from that point. The patriarch of the DoubleV Company which he began in the year 2009 has had a checkered career, in the process picking up a great deal of experience on the best way to make due in the turbulent waters of business.

The DoubleV firm which he started has its forte in recovery of parastatal and public subsidies in recruitment areas, innovations and environment. Besides they streamline aberrant purchases which form the bulk of transport expenses, energy, and telecommunications, office automation, bank fees, facility management and insurance, among others. Optimization of fiscal and social charges forms the third and last theme, all which anchor the company firmly in the job market. The double company is known to comply with all its statutory obligations and lays accentuation in solving issues as per the client expectations.

Thierry is also a founding partner of Assurance DoubleV which opened shop on November 2011 with its specialty being Consultancy works in public subsidy recovery for businesses and reduction of costs. Before he started his businesses, Thierry Weinberg was managing the Civil Society of Real Estate Investment (MAREMMA) as the Director, A role he played for four years from 2006. Before then he had a stint at the directorate which created the Canal + still in France.

Knowledge from the business school coupled with experience from his management duties in big companies must have given Thierry Weinberg the required impetus to start his companies. Its without a doubt that Thierry Weinberg has provided precedence in management of big firms and also business startups, Knowledge that is invaluable for generations to come who want to create their niche in Companies and firms dealing in finance.

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