There Is No Substitute For Hard Work!

Posted by Carrie Beiber - December 25, 2014

Two business titans became good friends close to the turn of the 20th century. One was an older gentleman who’d failed 10,000 times at creating a more-lasting light bulb. The other one was a younger man who was tired of the sting of failure and criticism, but would alter the world with Model T. and one’s line

Thomas Edison, the older gentleman felt Henry Ford’s pain. After all if anybody ought to know about failure and criticism it’d be Thomas Edison. Therefore, Edison was an ideal role model and mentor for Ford.

Edison taught Ford that you just fail when you give up. Mr. Edison described to Ford that his own 10,000 efforts at creating a better light bulb weren’t actually 10,000 failures, but rather 10,000 manners to create a better light bulb that didn’t work. And every manner which didn’t work brought Edison much nearer to what would work. From this encounter Edison learned that master really is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Essentially, success comes from hard work! Are you really prepared to sweat some?

The planet is a better place now that Henry Ford and Thomas Edison worked hard and didn’t give up when they were down and out, pursued by the bill collectors, and being greatly criticized. Edison’s light bulb and progressive and vast system of electricity, in addition to Ford’s world-altering assembly line and cars helped establish the usa into an industrial world power station so creating occupations as well as the world’s biggest middle class, the anchor of the United States greatness.

Moreover, I believe we all want to likewise be grateful that Mr. Edison saw the possibility in the youthful Henry Ford and wouldn’t let him stop when things were going wrong. Remember, we all want mentors… Even the great ones…

Now tweens and teenagers, go lay, lead and learn the way to a better world for all people. Remember, nothing replaces hard work! Thus, keep your chin up and keep finding methods to get nearer to your targets. Additionally, keep your eyes open for another person who may want help. Motivate her or him not to stop. Perhaps your kind words and encouragement could help that man develop into one of our amazing Americans that are next. And once more, thanks for everything that you do, and all that you’ll do…

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