What You Should Know About Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatments In Norfolk? March 30, 2015

The studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), revealed a frightening fact that nearly 300,000 to 600, 000 Americans are suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in a year. Why one should worry about DVT is that it could causes severe health problems like strokes, blood clot in lugs, heart attacks, etc. Though the fatalities due to DVT is rare, one should never hesitate to treat the condition as early as possible.

The DVT is caused by the conditions that result in formation of blood clots. For example, patience are under the risk of developing blood clots after surgery. In other cases, clots can develop after a long trip in road, flights. Medical conditions like heart arrhythmias can also cause blood clots. Other factors that can cause blood clots include obesity, pregnancy, cancer, smoking, etc.

Though DVT are usually occur in legs, however, it can occur in any areas of the body. The symptoms of DVT include swelling in ankle, leg, foot, pain like cramp in muscle, warm feeling in the affected area, and coloration of skin in certain areas. One should also note that DVT might not show visible symptoms during the early stage.

A doctor will diagnose DVT through various examinations like ultrasound scan, blood tests, MRI or CAT scan and X-ray. All the diagnosis procedure is relatively easier. There are treatment options available for DVT. Usually doctors prescribe a drug for blood thinning that will eventually lead to preventing blood clot or aggravation of blood clot.

If you like to know more about deep vein thrombosis treatments Norfolk, you can browse the Internet. There are wealth of information available about the DVT treatments in Norfolk. You can find the list of hospitals and clinics offering treatment for DVT. You can also read the patients experience on the websites, which would help you lot in preparing for a DVT treatment.