Do you need a TV License? May 9, 2016


If you like to watch a live telecast, then you must buy a TV license and pay the required amount for your color TV license every year. You have not only get the benefit of watching the programs that are broadcasted but also record the TV programs using the television receiving equipment like mobile phone, a setup box, video or DVD recorder, computer, and tablet.
If you have decided to get the TV license, then you can check the TV licence contact number in your location to know more about the license plan like the validity period, cost per year, license packages, etc.
The TV license for the color TV costs higher than the black and white TV. The amount will vary based on the number of units you use per year. There is the standard pay for the first fifteen units, and you need to pay extra money for additional five units thereon. You must get the valid TV license to watch the programs, and it is a criminal offense to watch the programs without the license. If the state detects that you are watching the TV illegally, you will be penalized.
You may need to cancel your TV for the reasons like you are not watching or recording the TV shows, moving to abroad, the person holding the license expired, It is very simple to cancel your TV license, likes to TV license to some other person, moving to care home, etc. The cancellation policy is very simple you can also send the refund request to your operator in every three months of your license like the third month, sixth month and the ninth month in a year. Just fill the refund form available in online with most of the operators and get the amount.
If you are not eligible for the refund, you can cancel your license by completing the cancellation form and submit the same and some operators require the some proofs to be submitted along with the cancellation from like your address proof.
TV license is not only available for the household but also for your office. In your business premises, you may need TV for your visitors, customers or staffs. A single license is enough for your business requirement, and you can use multiple devices to watch or record the TV programs.
There are concessions available for the TV license and check the below details whether you are eligible for the concession.
The first one is if you are above 75 years then you don’t have to pay the amount for your license, and it is completely free. Even you can also share your TV with younger ones in your family. For availing this concession, you must either provide the proof of documents for your date of birth or the National Insurance Number.
The 50% concessions are there if you are a person with slightly impaired vision or blind. You must provide the proof of your eye problems from the local ophthalmologist along with your license application form and the fees.