Xtra Cash Search Engine – Bringing the world of finance & loans to your finguretips February 16, 2015

This is a Danish website which advertises cheap & affordable loan and other finance related products. The website compares finance products and loans from various local finance providers and makes them available for consumers.

Consumers can refer to this website which gives full insight into various financial service providers. They research interest rates, maturity conditions and yields for various financial providers and related products.

The website also helps clients to check their credit ratings and ensure that they are given advice on the cheapest product that will suit their needs and affordability. They also compare risk factors involved with various products so consumers can take informed decision.

The website gives advice on how to obtain cheap loans whatever the amount may be. From a very small loan of 100 euros to a loan of up to £200,000 can be obtained easily and at very reasonable rates. The website gives advice on how this can be achieved with best rates.


The website’ Xtra Cash Search Engine’ which is the full form of www.XCSE.dk, is designed to make borrowing easier and convenient to consumers. The designers claim they make online borrowing simple and straightforward.

The website does compare different lending rates; and risk factors online and links to contact the borrower directly. Instead of approaching each lender separately, the website brings together the entire market on one platform so consumers can make informed decision from the comfort of their laptop; desktop, tablets or even their smart phones.

The only flip side of the website is possibly the fact that being a part of European Union the website should have an English option as well. With the free movement within the EU, a link to view the website in English and well as Danish is possibly a good idea to attract more clients within Europe.