Reasons For Performing Employee Background Checks

Posted by Carrie Beiber - January 24, 2018

Various companies follow different procedures for recruiting people for various positions. It is necessary to recruit people after performing proper background checks. Background checks ensure that you can avoid recruiting fakers or people who may cause trouble at work. It is important that you ensure the identity of the job seekers before you appoint them. A background check is an effective way to recruit the right people for the job. There are several companies like Triton Canada offering background check solutions.
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Recruiting the right candidate for a job is not an easy task. A background check is a process done by most of the recruiters for identifying the right candidate. There are various advantages of performing a background check. The article below lists the reasons for conducting background checks.

This is the main reason for performing a background check. Background check enables to know about the real identity of a person whom you wish to recruit for your company. This process may help you to prevent recruiting fraud people who are under a false identity. The identity of a person can be known by checking the social security number of the employee.

Education And Job Experience
A background check will help to know if the applicant has completed his schooling and college. The recruiter get information from the previous companies if he has worked with them. They get details about the performance of the employee from their previous place of work. By performing background checks, you can also know about the past salary of the job applicant and also his past career growth.

Criminal History
It is important that you should not hire a criminal or fraud for your company. This can be done by performing a background check, and this helps to know about their criminal background if any. You can hire a lawyer for this purpose. It is possible to know about the criminal lawsuits which are less than seven years. Ensure that the employee is not a drug addict or a sex offender.

Financial Status
It is lawful for the recruiter to know about this past financial status. The tax paid in the previous years is a perfect record to know about the financial status of the employee. The credit report of the employee can also be checked with his consent. Ensure if there is any bankruptcy status for the employee. Financial status can give an overview of his past financial condition, career, monthly transaction, etc.

Thus it is evident that background check can identify the real identity of a person whom you wish to recruit as an employee for your company. The above factors can be checked and analyzed with the process of a background check. There are various licensed background check agencies offering background check solutions for popular companies around the world. The primary objective of these agencies is to check the personal background details of the job applicant and provide the report to the recruiting company.
The article has rightly listed the advantages of background checks performed by the recruiters or by the background check agencies. The above are the reasons for recruiters performing background checks when recruiting new employees for their company.

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