Make Your Home Inspection Report Interesting

Posted by Carrie Beiber - January 17, 2016


Clients always want to see the home report looks interesting. Pictures can always make things look good. Clients also love to have pictures in their inspection report so that they find the issues very conveniently even after many days of inspection. The photos convey the visuals of what the home inspector saw, and what is there in the report. Home inspection report with pictures convey more information that the usual writings. This makes the customer understand the report easily and in a descriptive manner.
Add Pictures to Inspection Report
Nowadays, more and more inspectors are using smartphones or tablets in the field for inspections. It is necessary that they should add pictures to reports that they generate on these devices. If you have a device that make reports and also can click pictures, then it is a real time saver. These types of devices have good quality cameras and due to that home inspectors are capable to complete their inspection report easily in the field with photographs on one device.
To add a picture to their report through the smartphone or tablet, the home inspector will require being in their home inspection app. In this app, they should require the choice to press a button, and their camera automatically opens up. Then they can click their picture, and that will be automatically added next to the line item which they are currently inspecting. Then they can go to the next item and can add as many pictures they want in their reports.
Adding pictures to a desktop or laptop is a very popular preference for the home inspectors. This also gets them the high quality pictures from a digital camera in the field. To add these snaps in their report, they need to load those photos in their laptop or desktop and then use them in their reports. This is little time taking that using smartphone and tablet in making the report.

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