All About DUI Law And The Best Legal Aid Available To Handle It

Posted by Carrie Beiber - September 21, 2017


DUI mean ‘driving under the Influence’ of alcohol or drug, and it is considered as a very severe offense. Basically, the level of consumption of intoxicants decides the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration), which affects the driving capabilities of a person by reducing the decision-making power and increase the reaction time of the mind. Detection of a BAC through breathalyzer at DUI checkpoints or blood or urine test can get a person registered under DUI offense. Considering the technicalities involved, it better to hire a DUI Attorney. You can find the list of best DUI lawyers in Edmonton in

The parameter to register an offender under the law involve driving the vehicle with the BAC recorded is higher the legal limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milligrams of blood or refusing to get a breath test done. The usual course of action once a person is convicted under this law include issuing of a criminal sentence in jail, fine or community service and confiscation, suspension and revoking of the driving license. In fact, in the countries like Canada, people convicted of DUI are not allowed to enter the country. Hiring a DUI Expert lawyer can get you out of these difficult situations. Some of the advantages of having an attorney handling your case are:

1. Experienced DUI lawyer knows about the local legal rules, customs, and procedures
2. There are certain specific technicalities and procedures involved in standard field sobriety test, drug recognition evaluation, breath test, urine test etc. which need specialized expertise to handle, thus experienced attorney will be able to tackle the issue more appropriately.
3. Since these domain specialist uses the substantive law to protect the interest of the accused by speeding up the process, the overall cost of the suit is comparatively less.
4. They can also help in the trail with vehicle department in reference to a request for resuming the license.
5. They know the set of people involved in the trial from the officer, the prosecutor to the judge.

Hence, they may explore alternative plea options like Ignition interlocks for the vehicle to get you an opportunity for negotiation the sentence and fine.

In first DUI case, the conclusion is usually that the accused pleads guilty because in most of the cases higher BAC is recorded, or the officer or a witness confirm the court issues the testimony of the person being under the influence of alcohol and a standard sentence. A second-time defaulter may face the severe sentence. Hence the need for legal assistance arises, an experienced attorney may help in bargaining your plea. For those who cannot afford an expensive private attorney, they are also given an option to hire the public prosecutor to represent them in court.

The possibility of plea bargain increases with the increased uncertainty in the test results. For example, of the BAC or sobriety test show inconclusive results, the judge may consider reducing the offense from DUI to reckless driving which may reduce the verdict. To get such bargain done in the court require special skill set, hence hiring an expert DUI lawyer is the right choice.

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